Share Your Health Care Concerns With the New President

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Obama's transition team recently started the first of a series of online discussions to get our input on the issues that we face in America. The first discussion is about health care, making it clear that this is a priority for the new President.

President-Elect Barack Obama proudly endorses the HCAN principles
Health Care for America Now is commonly abbreviated as HCAN

Many of you have shared your concerns about the private insurance industry and rising health care costs with your congressional representatives, at Health Care for America Now rallies, and at public hearings all across Connecticut.

President-Elect Barack Obama, by starting this conversation on his transition website, has sent a clear message that he wants to hear our thoughts and concerns about the health care system in this country. It's important that he hears a call to fix the broken health care system from all of us, because the insurance and drug company lobbyists are already swarming Congress to protect their profitable business models.

You can click here to join the discussion about the future of health care in America. Leave a comment, and tell President-Elect Barack Obama that in 2009 you want quality, affordable health care we all can count on!

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